Feelfree Day Tourer Recreation Paddle FG 2 Piece/Fiberglass

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For the more advanced paddler, upgrade to the Feelfree Day-Tourer Paddle. The asymmetrical blades provide increased paddling efficiency and reduced torque for those longer paddling trips.

The Day- Tourer paddle by a kayak brand Feelfree comes with asymmetrical blades that provide the paddler with optimal efficiency and reduced torque. The paddle comes with a pair of drip rings. The paddle is best fit for day touring and can be used with sit-on-top and sit-in kayaks alike. You can disassemble and reassemble the paddle easily with help of the snap button that also serves as a way to change the angle. The shaft is made of fiberglass and is black, while the blade comes in 5 different colors and is made of polypropylene.

- 2 piece construction
- Blade designed to increase thrust while maintaining efficiency
- Material: Polypropylene blade, fiberglass Shaft
- Two piece snap button allowing the ferrule angles 0 and 60 Left or Right
- Versatile and popular blade shape for most paddling conditions
- Nylon ferrule for a low vibration paddling

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